Data Minimization

I originally posted this last July. But, as I’ve said recently, I think the shit is finally getting really real….

Two words that should be waaaaay scarier to marketers than any version of the words about ‘cookie deprecation’ …

What is data minimization- According to Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, it is’the idea that companies should collect as little personal information as possible.’

Why is this scary- Maybe the idea is not scary. It’s even logical and rational. But the fact that the message, the thinking, is coming from the FTC makes it a big deal.

Not minimizing the browsers stepping in and making privacy decisions and changes on behalf of web/app visitors, the fact that the government has a ‘dog in this race’ now is interesting.

And, yes, scary may be the wrong word. I am not saying this in a ‘doom and gloom’, they are going to kill performance marketing way. Nor am I saying it in a ‘good, advertisers are collecting too much data in too scammy ways’ way. Nor am I saying it as, ‘oh great more misinformed regulations based on people not understanding ad tech’ way. And nor am I saying it in a ‘maybe this will be good ideas based on people who understand ad tech’ way.

I am saying I don’t know how it will all play out. But if privacy concerns are now not only on the forefront of local/state governments (California, Colorado, etc), but also our nation’s government, it may be a good idea to not kick. your thinking about how you capture data down the road because of the ‘stay’ the third party cookie has received.


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