(Originally posted on 04/07/2021 – What the hey, we haven’t talked paid search in a while…)

Or is it a phrase, or perhaps so much more. Yeah, it’s a mouthful, but ‘close variant queries’ it is. ‘What is it-‘ you say.

This could be a long, exhaustive post on how paid search and the fun of creating succinct, effective ads is now on the demise (yup, I have that on the whiteboard for another day, another featured article), but it is Wednesday and Wednesday is only about the word.

‘Close variant queries’ in Google Ads “allows for keywords to match to searches that are plurals of misspellings, or a different word order (specifically impactful for exact match), as well as implied paraphrasing if the engine believes there is similar intent”

To me, this says that ‘exact match’ campaigns have now been automatically converted to ‘broad match’ campaigns.

Back in the day I would be super cautious about broad match campaigns unless I had a big experimental budget – BUT, today we’ll see if the machine learning behind these changes Google is making makes paid search smarter, easier, faster and cheaper (probably not cheaper)..


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