\OK – It’s actually a re-TBT…BUT with a little dash of Dave Grohl.

Privacy stuff – yup. Been posting for a while – still a big deal. But really not much has changed.

Originally posted in June, 2021 – who knew there would be SO many Privacy Posts since then!!!

In keeping with the privacy/non privacy things going on, today’s tip was going to be about dusting off your privacy policy and putting in place some tracking consent agreement acceptance/decline functionality on your website – yes, website – not just app – if you intend to capture and use your visitors’ data. But then, it happened.

The DeeGees! Yes, as I was thoughtfully crafting a post about privacy and consent, someone sent me that video of the Foo Fighters doing ‘You Should be Dancing’.

And, as I am now listening to it for the third time, I can’t decide what is captivating me more:

Dave’s dancing – Pat’s subdued enthusiasm – the wondering of what it would be like if Taylor was singing it (Taylor, you are SO VERY missed) – or the disgust Nate and Chris have for the situation.

Awesome stuff. Privacy, we will come back to you soon. In the meantime, you should be dancing!


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