Please allow me to (re)introduce myself. You may know me as regular, ol’ Metric Mikey. But not so much, nope, no more.

Needing to put my data science cap (I mean tie) on

Hello – I am Metric Mikey, Data Scientist. You may remember how I got into my analytics gig. But today, after an intense training in Data Science and Advanced Analytics, I have upped my game.

So, not to be a naysayer, but the first flaw I found with the practice is the naming convention. ‘K-means clustering’, close but no cigar.

It should be ‘K9-means clustering’. See, without supervision, I can find my cohorts and segment myself and them.

Me and my cohorts…

We see me, poorly added to the photo. Let me introduce my friends, ummm, I mean cohorts. Next to me, on my left is AL, Artificial Intelligence (AI) AL. And to the far right is his twin, Mel, Machine Learning (ML) Mel. And in between me and Mel, ughhh, Intuition Ike. He is always photo bombing us.

Just wanted to introduce my buds as they will be joining some of my posts from now on!


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