As you know the Funnel Report allows you to take a process within your web site (e.g. registration, online ordering, checkout), break it down into Stages and track progression (conversion) through the Stages.

Example Stages within a checkout process may be:

Step 1 – Add to Cart

Step 2 – Begin Checkout

Step 3 – Enter Billing Information

Step 4 – Enter Shipping Information

Step 5 – Submit/Process Order

Step 6 – Order Confirmation

What you see will amaze you, by simply getting someone deeper into the initial stages of the funnel process, you can significantly increase conversion!

Here are funnel statistics that are not uncommon for a well defined registration or checkout process

Step 1 – Step 2     Less than 10% conversion

Step 2 – on        Greater than 70%

Step 3 – on         Greater than 90%

Let’s just stop here for a minute.  If you could just get even a slightly higher conversion rate from Step 1 to Step 2, you could exponentially increase overall conversion rates based on the conversion rate of the subsequent steps.

The challenge – how do you do that?

The solution – make it Easy, Obvious and Worth it!

Make it easy 

Why make someone register when all they want to do is buy something from your web site?  Research has shown that having to register before being able to purchase is a big turn-off, in fact it is one of the top turn-offs.   Make the checkout process as easy as possible for your visitor! 

Make is obvious 

As wonderfully easy as you’d like to think your web site is to use, chances are, it is not.  Have someone who is not an Internet user try to make a purchase on your site.  The results will astound you!

Make it worth it

It would be great if every ecommerce site was user friendly, easy to use and technical problem free.  It would be even greater if not only was it easy to make the purchase, but there was a payoff, a reward for a successful purchase.  You know that having an order confirmation page is of key importance for tracking conversions, but you know, that page can also be used to reward a customer for becoming a customer.  Simply modify the page to reflect a coupon or deal for a future purchase.

Imagine with those simple steps increasing the conversion rate from Step 1 – Step 2 to more than 20%.  Think of how this could increase conversion and fatten the bottom of your funnel.

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