First-party ephemeral storage,,,,ephemeral third-party storage

Leave it to Brave to make visiting websites even safer. The article is fascinating. It covers not only the complicated sounding words in today’s headline, but also “Unlinkable Bouncing (which) protects privacy by noting when someone is about to visit a website that could harm their privacy.” I tried to summarize the detail. But you should really just read the whole article.

So back to the Wednesday Words…..”First-party ephemeral storage builds on Brave’s existing protections against tracking. Currently, the company uses something it calls ephemeral third-party storage, where all third-party storage on a site is cleared when you leave the first-party site embedding those third parties.”

So, specifically what is first party ephemeral storage? – “a set of techniques that allow sites to remember or identify the site visitor for as long as the person is visiting the site. It’s similar to — although more powerful and user-friendly than — clearing the browser storage every time the person leaves a site.”

Why is this so important you ask- Well, we may think that Chrome’s deprecation of the third party cookie has been kicked down the road until the end of next year. BUT with all the information, misinformation, regulations, fines and litigations surrounding privacy…I am think we are going to see more and more changes sooner rather than later.

And although this is great for personal privacy, it does have pretty serious implications for targeting, personalization and remarketing.

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