There are two words today – the good(ish) news word and the bad news word.

The good news word – Landing Pages

As in the first page someone ‘lands on’ at your site. For a LONG time, it was not even a dimension in GA4. You could get there (e.g. combo of page and event=session_start). Then it was a dimension. Apparently now it is a report...It’s not showing up in any nav that I’ve seen. But sometimes these things take a while.

And the bad news word – Compatibility

A word we’ve all come to hate for many reasons…but back to Google Analytics. I’ve talked about the ‘can’t get here..’ issue. And maybe that post was even from after this happened…. But yes. Now the scope based incompatibility is a thing that is enforced in GA4. Well. There is always the export/BigQuery option – where EVERYTHING is compatible! It may just take finding the right features…and maybe a good data scientist. But that is a topic for another day!


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