As you know, i’ve written a lot about what ‘currency’ is in the media world..

I was intrigued when I read this line in ‘Warner Bros. Discovery Chooses Comscore, VideoAmp As Alternative Currency.’

“Optionality has always been a key part of our approach to measurement and currency,” says Andrea Zapata, executive vice president and head of ad sales research, measurement and insights at Warner Bros. Discovery.
She adds that these deals will “operationalize against multiple currencies at scale and unlock more value for our partners this upfront season.”

So, of course, I asked Ollie to clairfy, IQuick side note, if you read the MediaPost article and saw the mention of “Joint Industry Committee” (JIC) hop over to Ollie’s post today).

“Optionality in currency in media refers to the ability of media professionals to have flexibility in changing or adjusting the currency of their financial transactions depending on their needs and desired outcomes. For example, if a media company operates in multiple countries or has clients in different countries, they may want to have the option to change their currency quickly and easily in order to minimize foreign exchange risk and maximize profitability. Optionality in currency can be achieved through various means, such as currency hedging strategies, using multiple bank accounts denominated in different currencies, or through the use of specialized financial instruments like options or futures contracts.”

Thanks, Ollie!


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