Just when I thought I couldn’t love all things funnel more, it happened. Google built a better funnel.

But, just for the sake of today’s Wednesday Word, I’ll expand just a little bit beyond funnel, even beyond ‘awesome funnel’…but, I promise, more to come, and soon.

So in terms of awesome funnel, my one word is ‘Open’. Yes, open as in ‘open vs. closed’. ‘What is an open funnel?’ you ask. Why it’s a funnel that allows entry at any step. It doesn’t force you through the predefined step order.

Of course, it is not a new concept. (Don’t get me started on the ClickTracks funnel way back in 2005). But it is a concept that is powerful, yet confusing, enough that it may just now have found its time.

Of course, if I say ‘open’ as today’s word, I also have to acknowledge ‘closed’. This, too is an option with the new GA Funnel Analysis in the Analysis Hub of GA4.

Stay tuned to learn more as this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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