I do not think it means what you think it means. Inconceivable.

So, originally my plan for today’s word was going to be ‘accuracy’ and why that has gone out the window. Back in 2005 when i was training clients on ClickTracks the first point was to ‘not use your analytics for accounting…it is directional but not ‘accurate’ when you are looking at transaction detail’. Then somewhere along the way (thanks Adobe and Coremetrics), the analytics standard became within a 95 – 97% accuracy as compared to backend systems. But I digress. We are not talking accuracy today. We are talking wiretapping.

Today I saw this post Could Your Website Chat Feature Set You Up for a Lawsuit? Really– Wiretapping. Wiretap:

“an act of using a listening device to conduct surveillance, typically over a phone line.”

A while back, while walking Mikey I thought I had an ‘epiphany’…WA + CS – A Match Made in Heaven

Marrying customer service and web analytic information. Seems like a great idea. But now it may just be a crime. Wiretapping. Who knew.


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