“If you found a treasure chest full of gold doubloons buried in your back yard, you could absolutely call that a trove — but you can also use trove for any wonderful or precious stash of stuff.”

That was my response from Google, well,, to the question if trove was a word, or if it was treasure trove. Trove it is.

I asked in response to a presentation given by my friend, the data scientist – where he referred to the number of analytics options in GA, out of the box, as a trove during this session.

So now I know. But the reason that word popped into my mind was the vast amount of information I found may be lurking in the Link URL (or perhaps other Link dimension) in GA4 if you have Enhanced Measurement enabled to track outbound links.

Just a little duo of Tuesday tip and Wednesday word! Consider it a mini-trove of information. Mini-trove… that a word?


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