Emotion AI

Emotion AI is the next wave of basic AI applications like reactive machines, like those used in chatbot software. While basic AI can react in the moment and play games like Go or chess better than humans, emotion AI adds the ability to read emotions.

For instance, MetLife uses Cogito’s emotion AI coaching solution in 10 of its U.S. call centers to provide real-time guidance to agents while they’re speaking to a customer.”

And from a different post, “A recent report by Gartner outlines the way AI has permeated marketing and how Gartner expects it to continue to evolve over the next decade. Gartner defines Emotion AI as “using AI technologies to analyze the emotional state of a user via computer vision, audio/voice input, sensors and/or software logic.”…

“As an example, Gartner highlighted Jeep’s use of Affectiva’s Media Analytics capabilities to measure viewers’ emotional responses to its Electrified Wrangler 4XE ad. Gartner claimed Affectiva was able to confirm the ad’s market-shaping potential among those further away from making an active purchase decision to buy an EV.”

But, it is not like Emotion AI is new…from a 2017 post mentioning Affectiva…”…the science of emotional advertising is also emerging. Brand marketers and agencies that take this seriously are using AI technology to measure the emotional effectiveness of their creative.

One such technology solution, Affectiva, employs facial analysis to understand how viewers react to advertising content on a second-by-second basis.

In this way, marketers can know the relative emotional effect achieved by different executions of their advertising over time, as well as which segments of their video should remain in shortened versions. “

Cool stuff…scary…or just hype. I guess that just remains to be seen.


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