You got me. This is not the first time I’ve used this word for Wednesday’s word. But today it has a new purpose.

To recap: A cohort is a group of users who share a common characteristic that is identified in this report by an Analytics dimension. For example, all users with the same Acquisition Date belong to the same cohort. Cohort exploration allows you to explore the behavior of these groups over time on your app or site.

But for today’s post, let’s bring back my cohorts from the day I became a data scientist.

We see me, poorly added to the photo. Let me introduce my friends. Next to me, on my left is Al, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Al. And to the far right is his twin, Mel, Machine Learning (ML) Mel. And in between me and Mel, ughhh, Intuition Ike. He is always photo bombing us.

Just wanted to introduce my buds as they will be joining some of my posts from now on!

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