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I love learning new words, especially when they relate to media, marketing, technology and analytics. So today reading this fascinating article about how advertising will be changing…

Mastercard Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Raja Rajamannar’s take on the future of advertising – ‘Ads as we know them may go by the wayside, he said, because they’re annoying, intrusive and unengaging for the most part. “Consumers hate ads,” he said, as evidenced by the 600 million ad blockers that consumers have installed on devices.’

He went on to explain MasterCard’s approach to the current and future world…where he said,

“The company also created a sonic ID, which Rajamannar believes will become an increasingly important marketing technique.”

Of course I had to Google ‘sonic ID’. Maybe everyone else in the world knows this, but how fascinating is this!

“In this moment when audio is seemingly exploding everywhere, how a brand sounds is on the radar in a way it never has been. In fact “sonic identity” – how a brand translates its essence into audio – is a relatively new question for many brands that until recently had written off audio and focused on video….

Sonic identity may be on trend, but it is not new. The famous NBC chimes date back to 1927 and was the first trademarked sound”

How did I not know this was a thing! Anyone who knows me, knows my ties with terrestrial radio. And my love of certain podcasts – some work related and some just for fun.

So now I have a new nerdy task to add to my already full task list of nerdy things I do – listen for company’s sonic IDs!

Hopefully this is as fascinating to you as it is to me!

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