Topics…RIP FLoC

Google plans to replace Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) with interest-based targeting it calls Topics.

The Topics API will determine and select topics of interest based on the user’s previous three weeks of browsing history. It will not use external servers, and will share those topics with participating sites, Google announced Tuesday.”

Sorry to be a cynic. But doesn’t it seem like since the announcement of the deprecation of the third party cookie, well over a year ago, there has just been one terrible idea after another.

I get companies are scrambling to figure out privacy compliant ways to continue to target and retarget to audiences. I am not suggesting I have the silver bullet. But, not for nothing, (thanks, Dad for bringing that saying back:), I have been talking about the need for solid first party data for a long time. (Not the most succint post I have about it – but kind of funny).

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