Surveillance Advertising

I suspect we are going to see many more terms like this in the future as non-tech savvy folks have a say in what should be fair and just in terms of privacy.

Not the least of which was evidenced by yesterday’s topic that covered, ‘Austria says use of Google Analytics is illegal because it exposes Europeans to U.S. spy agencies.

“The ‘surveillance advertising’ business model is premised on the unseemly collection and hoarding of personal data to enable ad targeting,”

I am not suggesting that this is 100% wrong – nor am I suggesting it is factually correct. Nor am I suggesting it is right. The problem with a lot of the coverage of the current state of privacy, ‘tracking’ and analytics is that it is blend of semi-understanding of the facts and technology and a hearty dose of opinion and posturing…

“This pernicious practice allows online platforms to chase user engagement at great cost to our society, and it fuels disinformation, discrimination, voter suppression, privacy abuses, and so many other harms.”

So, the point of today’s post, beyond sharing my opinion and posturing – I foresee (if I can, and as part of my predictions for 2022) the repercussions of violations of privacy regulations are soon upon us – the problem is the interpretation of what this actually means.

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