Okay, maybe it is not a word, but an acronym:

Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors

Or streaming services as we have been calling them. But where has this new acronym come from- To answer this, we look to the trend, perhaps another Wednesday Word, ‘Super Aggregation.’

It seems many of us fled from traditional cable TV to embrace streaming service apps on our smart TVs. But now, in order to watch all of the things we want to – this ‘low-cost’ option has gotten as expensive, if not more, than cable.

So, it seems there is a new trend that is about to be upon us – aggregation of these services (call them what you will). And I am all for it – right now I have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Pluto and some of the networks directly. It would be great just to have a custom curated service based on the shows I actually watch.

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