So, for the past few weeks after, of course, hearing an episode of Behind the Numbers (my favorite podcast – okay maybe rivaled a little by Smartless) the lingering word has been ‘synchronicity’ and perhaps its inverse, ‘asynchronicity.’ But I am working on a bit more research on how this applies to all things digital media and attribution. Thus, another promise of things to come in the future.

So the fallback word….


For context, where this word came from (in my life, not in general) – it has long been on my refrigerator whiteboard as a Wednesday word but it has always gotten bumped because, honestly, I didn’t know why the word was important.

So – now i had to give a training on the Cohort Exploration reports in GA4 this week. Time to learn what Cohorts are all about. Come to find out this is a word worth knowing a bit about.

But although it is important now, it will explode (my prediction) in importance in the upcoming months. Well, in the world of analytics and digital marketing.

Okay – let’s take a step back.

“A cohort is a group of users who share a common characteristic that is identified in this report by an Analytics dimension. For example, all users with the same Acquisition Date belong to the same cohort. Cohort exploration allows you to explore the behavior of these groups over time on your app or site.”

If you read the article, you can see how important and slightly (or more) complicated cohorts are.

My weird and cryptic prediction of why this word is so important has everything to do with the (delayed, yet) impending deprecation of the third party cookie.

Could cohorts unlock the key to new v. return visitors in the future……


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