Sorry, took me a minute to stop laughing. I googled the meaning of ‘identity’ and copied and pasted it into the blog before reading it. Here it is (and wtf example 1):

1. the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.
“he knows the identity of the bombers”

2. a close similarity or affinity.
“the initiative created an identity between the city and the suburbs”

But, anyone who knows me knows the whole idea of third party cookie deprecation has been pretty top of mind for me since last September. (Yes, I know – I still really need to get a life:). Even though the actuality of it has been ‘kicked down the road’ a while, the reality (and awesomeness) is that companies – brands, ad tech and new tech – are actually thinking about it AND being proactive about it.

This was illustrated in an interview with Greg Williams, the co-founder of MediaMath.

“Williams: The evolution of identity necessitates that companies take action now. This way, they can drive success today and control their own advertising and marketing destiny in the future.

The deprecation of the cookie has become the catalyst for building back better within the ad industry. This means rethinking all of the rules put in place during the first decade of the programmatic evolution.”

In my definition example above:

Definition 1, the bombers – was third party cookie as the identifier – not great, but the best that there was for quite some time

Definition 2, odd affinity example – was cohorts, or FLoC or other such anonymized groupings of identities

But now – as the world is being proactive it looks like the advertising world may be able to come to understanding who the bombers truly are.

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