Yup. In keeping with mixing it up this week, not going with the word, going with the whimsy.

So, the whimsy – what the hell happened to Groundhog Day this year- For no reason, I realized this morning that I had no idea how much of winter (which has of recent been a beast) there is left.

But maybe I thought about it subconsciously as it was actually over 60 degrees today. Anyhow, everyone I asked had no recollection of Punxsutawney Phil’s finding this year.

The big consensus that is since we have been living Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day for the past 2 years, old Phil is collateral damage.

Spoiler alert – 6 weeks, so that means 4 more of winter.

And, subtle Groundhog Day humor, today’s picture is yesterday’s.

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