Yup. It is after 10pm and I cannot think of a word good enough for today’s Wednesday word – so I will resort to whimsey.

In the category of ‘I, and a few (very few) other people, thought this was funny.

I originally added the comment, ‘this shit is really getting real’, when I started the Friday FTC posts. So I went ahead and registered the domain (“” – since the redirect switches the URL back to

Anyhow, the joke turns out to be on me. It seems that much of the progress may be stalled. Where we saw the House Committee on Energy & Commerce ‘pass’ the American Data Privacy and Protection Act by a vote of 53-2, referring the bill to the full House. The house began its August recess on July 29th.

Hopefully there will be progress when they return…but there are still many challenges ahead…So, maybe the shit is actually just staying the same.


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