OK. So it is not so much a tip as a point of clarification. You know when two words mean something that, perhaps you don’t understand, but you know are similar….

Remember my post on the model vs. algorithm conundrum…So complex it took two posts to answer.

Well, here is another one…Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Are they the same- Are they similar- They are both getting quite a lot of coverage with the deprecation and expiration of cookies and other privacy regulation implications. So here is the skinny….

AI – is computers emulating human thought and performing tasks in real environments

ML is the technologies and algorithms that enable systems to identify patterns and make decisions. They are ‘self learning’ and get ‘smarter’ the more data and time they have to process.

Pretty heady stuff. Some day I am going to pull all of the posts I have together and make a real (and comprehensive) article about this as it seems like we all really should start getting really comfortable with these concepts.

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