Wait. What- Shouldn’t that be tip?

I’m really mixing it up here this week – first Monday Machine Learning and today, no tip, just a trip. But it is not a trip you can take today. But one I am looking forward to.

Reading this article, ‘Dogs In Cyberspace?: Get Joy Wants To Keep It Real…Virtually,’ I uncovered the concept of the virtual dog park:

“The company recently announced it plans to launch a virtual dog park in the metaverse as yet another place for pet owners to commune, learn, maybe toss a cyber-frisbee — all without having to remember poop bags.”

This is great for so many reasons -and not great for one very scary one (at least for me). And it is obvious why I was drawn to read this article. But first the great reason…

This is me at the virtual dog park!

Anyone who has met me (especially if they have dogs) knows I am much more of a people-dog than a dog’s dog. But I know I am supposed to be around other dogs. Voila! The metaverse.

And I know that the whole point, other than socializing, at dog parks is exercise. No thank you! Thank you metaverse. I just need my headset!

But now for the scary reality. One main point of the article is about proper dog health and nutrition. It may seem like my days of Doritos and pizza are numbered. Yikes!

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