And lucky you! Today is a twofer. I did not know that twofer is actually a real word. But it is in the dictionary. And yes, this morning i was reading about the GA4 2023 updates on the Google Support site.

Tip 1 – Make sure the scope of the dimension matches the metric in Explore reports.

(Stolen directly from Google Support) When you use an item-scoped dimension in an exploration, such as “Item ID” or “Item category”, be sure to use item-scoped metrics such as “Items purchased” rather than event-scoped metrics, such as “Purchases”. The former will give you the count of items. The latter will give you a count of purchase events.

Tip 2 – Recreate Universal Analytics audiences. There is a Google Sheets add-on ‘migrator tool‘ that can be used to migrate your existing GA audiences to GA4. Click here for detailed instructions.

You may want to consider doing this sooner rather than later for two main reasons. First traditional GA is going to stop processing data in about 3 months. And second, i am fairly certain, if GA4 audiences behave like traditional GA audiences (which they mostly do), they will need a population of 1000 before you can start to use them.

Good luck!


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