As the impending demise of GA3 looms near…okay, both overly dramatic and overstated. But as companies are beginning to take the ‘threat’ seriously, they are starting to ‘stand GA4 up’ or as someone recently said to me, ‘get their GA4 house in order’ (whatever that means….).

Anyhow, as companies become serious about GA4 many of them are trying to compare (foot) GA3 to GA4 (which I vehemently disagree with for many, many reasons).

If you do find yourself in need of doing this, today’s tip is ‘do not compare revenue/attribution in GA3 to GA4.’ Again, many reasons – but the biggest being that GA4 allows up to 72 hours from the cart initiation to the cart completion to give credit to a source.

So, if nothing else, chances are your attribution or at least source/revenue numbers are not going to match (and may not even be close).

But, attribution is a whole other topic….


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