Not lying. This is not going to be the most exciting Tuesday tip. But really, are any of them really exciting.

Quick tip – to test revenue in GA4 may not be as easy as just looking at the home page. What I’ve seen is sometimes revenue either doesn’t ‘show up’ for a few days or manifests itself as ‘Event Value.’

So the tip – a tip that is not optimal, wait a few days. In GA4 a session has up to 72 hours to be considered a session. Also, depending on the implementation guidance you have followed revenue may only show up as Event Value.

The real (real boring) tip IS to test revenue after a few days (post 72 hours) use the Explore, Free Form, Table report with the Dimensions as source (or anything that defines a row) and Metrics – Transactions, Sessions, Event Value and Total Revenue as Values to use to compare with your order system.

It may seem weird because the numbers don’t jive (or possibly even exist) in the first few days. But, in my experience, reconciling the numbers in GA4 (assuming the tag is placed in the appropriate place) is pretty fantastic (nearly 100% accuracy).


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