So, I don’t think that ‘back in the day’ analytic me would have ever thought present-day analytic me would be saying this….but, ‘it may be time to give affiliate marketing a chance again.’

I remember in 2005, having conversations about how affiliates (mainly coupon sites back in the day) cannibalized sales that would have happened anyway – a lose-lose situation for retailers who had to take the ‘hit’ on a discount AND had to pay a commission for the sale. Fast forward to 2009 where attribution REALLY drove home that story.

BUT…today, when catching up on one of my favorite podcasts…no, not Smartless…but Behind the Numbers, I heard the Episode, “The Daily: How Affiliate Amplifies All Marketing…

And now affiliate marketing is a whole different animal (yes, one of the big players still goes by CJ)…embracing incrementally and now focusing on INCREASED AOV.

Give it a listen. Then maybe give it a try.


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