Try audio advertising… specifically podcasts. I’ve mentioned it before (talking self-serve advertising – but, in the case of audio ads, Spotify will cut the commercial for you..). And now, more evidence that podcast advertising is a good investment (from today’s DigitalNewsDaily – Listen Up: Audible Ads Take Center Stage)

“MD: What’s the appeal of podcasts?

Simonelli: Podcasts are on-demand, so people are able to consume them with headphones or in the car. From an advertising perspective, it’s a rare opportunity, with relatively inexpensive creative, to get a real one-on-one relationship with the consumer.

Audio scientifically is powerful, really good at creating emotional responses quickly.

So you have this powerful piece of content right in somebody’s ear. How often do you get to do that and, for the money, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

And podcasts gives you the extra layer on top, since they’re highly targeted. It’s not just like listening to a radio station all day.”


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