So, I have been going on about this privacy stuff for a while. Who am I kidding, I have spent an inordinate amount of time for the last year and a half focusing on it. But now, the shit is actually getting real.

And after writing that post a while back another state just passed legislation blocking ad targeting -”Indiana Senate Passes Bill Giving Consumers Right To Reject Ad Targeting.” Although the bill is a little ‘looser’ than most would like, the fact that it actually passed and is (somewhat, we’ll see) enforceable, is another big step forward (for privacy). And perhaps backwards for advertising….

“One specific provision would give people the right to opt out of targeted advertising — meaning ads based on inferences about people gleaned from their activities over time across nonaffiliated websites or applications.

That opt-out right would not extend to ads based on first-party data, or to contextual ads based on people’s current searches, website visits or app use.”

As I (or was it Prince) have said over and over when it comes to the future of marketing and advertising…’Market like it is 1999’

Oh, and the tip….probably a good time to start thinking about the PII you may be accidentally capturing in your Google Analytics.

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