Never leave your home again…..

I say kiddingly – or not. Now the convenience store is even more convenient than ever (and for only $5.95 a month – after 14 days free)!

After listening to one of my favorite podcasts this past weekend where one of the topics was thoughts about the future of shopping – and the expectation of almost instant delivery. I had kind of an eye-opening realization. One point that was brought up about shopping today is that going to the store, even the grocery store, is no longer an experience to be enjoyed.

To paraphrase – with all of the delivery options, the experience of being in.a store is not welcoming – but more like you are invading the company’s warehouse.

I have to say after hearing that, it totally made me aware of this experience. I went to my local Kroger to pick up a few things – and you cannot even get to the cooler section to pick up a cold Diet Coke with a cart, not even a small cart. That has become the ‘delivery pickers’ staging area – chock full of empty carts and crates for orders to be picked.

It did sort of become a surreal experience feeling like an intruder in Kroger’s warehouse.

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