Well, I had another one (tip) about the uselessness of pushing the ‘close door’ button on an elevator that I learned last week. But, in keeping with the analytically relevant realm – here we go!

The funnel – maybe I have talked about it once or twice or a thousand times. And the new funnel in GA4 (having a lot of similar non-funnel-ey characteristics to the ClickTracks funnel back in the day – no forced progression – aka now ‘Open Funnel’ – the funnel being a ‘blank slate’ of steps you define). But you just explore and enjoy all of the new features of the GA4 funnel.

As this is a tip, not a tutorial – I will keep it short and sweet (if it is not already too late for that). Maybe the starting point for your funnel should be the ending point. Might be worth taking a look at the Path Exploration and setting your Purchase event as the ending point…

Just sayin’, maybe they had it wrong..

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