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Be thoughtful

Please don’t think I am going soft on you. Nope. You, marketers, have gotten a reprieve – a stay of execution. And I only say that, and say it a lot lately, as it relates to the death of the third party cookie. And by say it a lot – I say it for two reasons:

1 – I always thought the saying was ‘Stave of execution.’ When I Googled it, the Princess Bride wisdom of, ‘I don’t think that word means what you think it does’ hit me. But then I did see this definition:

intransitive verb
1 : to walk or move rapidly

It may be a stretch. But you could reasonably (albeit super-humanly) stave your execution.

2 – By ‘stay of execution’ I mean no one knew what the hell was going on with the deprecation (don’t get me started on depreciation) of the third party cookie. Few companies had a plan. Many had ideas. Many had bad ideas. Many had – meh ideas.

Let’s just say this. Be thoughtful. You have time. You have the stave of execution.

Start marrying up your third party audiences with your first party data. Don’t do this selfishly to preserve your half-hearted ‘personalization.’ Start thinking about really caring about your customers/visitors/users/whatever privacy and more importantly attention.

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