Just (DON’T) Do It! So you probably can’t tell because I may have put on a few pounds (thanks, pandemic!) but the white swoosh on the back of my neck used to look just like the Nike swoosh – which would make the reference more appropriate.

So be it. Any hoo – I am saying ‘Just Don’t Do It’. And by ‘do it’ I mean compare, foot, reconcile, normalize, call it what you will – your GA Universal metrics to your GA4 metrics.

As you know, I DESPISE the practice of comparing metrics from one thing – and I say thing, not to be technical:), but because it could be software, reports, spreadsheets, one day to another, and on and on. There are SO, so, so, so, so many reasons why this is ignorant. Yup, ignorant, a strong word, but one I feel is super appropriate.

So don’t. Don’t compare GA (or GA360) to GA4 to look for ‘parity’. Trust me that is just idiotic.

It’s not that one is wrong and one is right. They are different.

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