Yesterday I had a lot to say. So today I will keep it short and sweet. Today’s tip, don’t assume. I know, the corny joke, ‘when you assume, you make an….’ ugh. Not what I mean.

I mean when you are explaining something to someone, don’t assume they know what you know or that they have the same frame of reference you do.

Understand their question and learn from their question. If you go in, guns ‘a blazing’ prepared to knock their socks of with your mastery and incredible insight on a topic, you will fail. You will fail the person you are explaining something to you, because chances are they will have very little idea of what you are saying and how it answers their question. And you will fail you because you proved yourself to be a big dummy who only wanted to spout how much you knew and did not listen and be helpful.

Harsh words, I know. But I was that guy, for a long time.

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