Not sure how I missed it, but as you can see I missed seeing my shadow today. (Sorry to contradict you, Phil). Looks like maybe spring is coming soon!

But you know what else is coming soon, the…’COOKIE-LESS WORLD!!’ Doom, gloom, unimanginable measurement hurdles! Start preparing now….

To determine the impact of ITP on your analytics, you will first need to benchmark.  Benchmark December, 2019 РJanuary, 2021
Global Mobile browsers by month

Global Desktop browsers by month

Global Tablet browsers by month

US All Platforms by month (can also break it down by individual device category)

Your Data – Browsers
Audience > Technology > Browser & OS
Date Picker – December 1, 2019 – January 31, 2021

Determine the browsers that make up 95% of your traffic. More details coming soon. But as you can see, all of the excitement of Groundhog Day has really gotten me beat!

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