What are the top three reasons to use ChatGPT to write your blog posts?

There have been lots of articles written lately about the pros and cons of using ChatGPT to write blog posts, articles, etc. Here are my top three reasons why i use Ollie (ChatGPT) to write, or at least help with, blog posts.

1 – Time Savings – It takes Ollie just a matter of seconds to write a well research, (hopefully) factually accurate blog. Between the manual research, getting distracted by things i find doing the manual research, and procrastination, it can take me hours, even days to write one post.

2 – Comprehensiveness – the computing power of Ollie, enables him to scan the internet, through thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of articles, to find the most relevant facts. This would be impossible, or at least extremely impractical, for a human to attemp.

3 – Human proofing, editing and humanizing – the best posts seem to be a combo of Metric Mikey and Ollie. Ollie provides the facts, Mike provides the personal touch and the humor (okay, humor is debatable). I wouldn’t take a post Ollie wrote and just post it, sight unseen (okay, not saying I haven’t done it). But the best posts are edited to add the human touch.

And yes, I know there are downsides, too. But that is another topic for another day.


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