Frequency capping is a good thing. It limits the number of times your display or video ad is shown to a person within a given time limit.

Well, it is a good thing while it lasts. With the deprecation of cookies, frequency capping will become increasingly difficult, if not impossible. But let’s worry about that tomorrow:)

We’ve all experienced seeing the same ad over and over. Maybe seeing an ad a few times increases the likelihood you will click on it or remember what is being advertised and search for it. But, like many things, there is certainly a point of diminishing returns.

Wouldn’t it be great to know what that point was. Well, you can. By changing a few settings in the Top Conversion Paths report in Google Analytics (Conversions > Multi Channel Funnels > Top Conversion Paths), you can easily get to this information, holistically or very granularly.

First, switch the report to ‘Impressions’ only.

Then select ‘1 or more’ for the Path Length.

It defaults to all, but you can select a specific campaign. Then you can review the report to find the threshold that reflects a big drop-off. That can inform your setting for frequency capping. For example where you see the biggest drop-off between, say Display X7 and Display X8, you would want to set your frequency capping at 7.

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