METRIC MIKEY’S TBT – But not going too far back…..

And just how far back...MONDAY. That is when, as mentioned over and over, my eyes were opened to the thinking that first party data was solid and consensual.

We have all opted in to, let’s call them situations – where you give your identity data in exchange for reading an article or white paper. But, of course, no-one ever ‘reads the fine print’. So what has been happening is that by agreeing to share your information with said website, you also consent to letting said website share that info with all other said websites they are in cahoots (lol – just had to say that to make me laugh) with.

And as a result – there are all of these ‘clean rooms‘, ‘identity graphs‘ and ‘anonymous’ IDs to make up for browser cookies being less reliable (and eventually being extinct). I used to think this was a great idea. But with all of the privacy concerns, and thinking about all of the time I’ve agreed to share my personal information in exchange for reading something, not even considering who the company would/could share my data with, it is a bit scary.

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