SATURDAY BANANA, YAY! Well, haters gonna hate (hate, hate).

1 star – Where are the instructions?

“I don’t know how they expect anyone to use this device without an instruction guide. It’s just too complicated. Where do the batteries go? Where is the USB port? There isn’t even a user pdf available for download. Fortunately, we were able to complete assembly on our own based on years of IKEA experience, but good luck to the novice. “Banana Slicing For Dummies” was also a helpful resource, but we really expected not to have to spend $49.99 on a book. In any case, the device doesn’t include bananas, so the advertising is deceptive. One alternative is a $5,000 high quality 3D printer and software to print your own banana slicer. The “flip horizontal” function will allow you to print versions for bananas that curve left and for those that curve right. This is a more useful option for the serious banana enthusiast.
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And, of course, it wouldn’t be Saturday Banana without a little Saturday Banana to get you into the holiday spirit. Enjoy!

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