“Kathy Straker, boy could she lose some weight.” Yes. An obscure line from Crowded House’s, Chocolate Cake.

So why this obscure reference to an obscure person on my Music Monday- Because of an obscure, yet kind of fascinating fact I learned. You know I love the ‘Behind the Numbers’ podcast. They have started opening the podcast with a fact. And the fact I learned last Friday was….how people lose weight.

With the answer in hand, I asked people. I got answers like ‘Strength training,’ ‘hot yoga,’ ‘fasting’ and on and on. But that was not the question that was answered. The question is HOW do you lose weight.

The obvious answer may be that you sweat it out. But the way most weight is lost is by breathing it out. Hilariously, and probably what most people think (if you think about it – which I doubt anyone does/has), one of the guests said that he just thought it fell off.

Heady thinking for a Monday Music post, don’t you think… And whoever would make up an obscure person like Kathy Straker. Hmmm..maybe ask Herbert Mochi.

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