METRIC MIKEY’S MUS…oh, I give up….make that MEDIA MONDAY

It started as another as another Musk Monday – but there are so many articles, posts, comments, etc. I was going to say, more than you can even shake a stick at. But then I realized that was somewhat understated and a bit boring.

So I Googled to find a better saying. I can’t decide if Musk has been ‘busier than a one-legged man at an ass-kicking convention’ or if he is having as hard a time as ‘putting socks on a rooster.’ You decide – or just enjoy killing time reading a lot of funny sayings.

Or get a taste of just a few of the articles….

So. In other media news…under the ‘Apple is no dummy category,’ Apple plans to build a live television ad network in preparation for streaming Major League Soccer games, adding to the focus on search ads in the location-based app in Maps.

And then in the ‘what are we going to do with this too expensive solution to a big problem that never fully materialized….and how will we provide a solution to the interim problem. Spoiler alert – both have to do with the not-yet cookie-less world!


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