I know. It’s early (aka before 10pm) and a LONG one. But there is a LOT going on in the world of media. It sort of all blends together, but the focus is primarily on Retail Media, CTV and good, ol’ or is ti brand-newfangled PPC.

Where to start…Let’s start with the problems, or maybe problems waiting to happen. Or, more accurately the problem that is happening but people are just now talking about…

Connected TV’s Bundle ID Research Report, June to August 2022: 40% of Roku and 30% of Amazon Fire TV Apps Are Targeted Using Numerous Bundle IDs“. Bundle IDs are used to identify apps for programmatic buying. The problem that this research uncovers is the problems with these IDs, not the least of which is that many apps have multiple IDs which creates inefficiency when it comes to spend AND opens the door for fraud. As I always say, you should really read the whole article.

And on the problem, or I may say not so much problems, just not ideal situation that Retail Media is in, ‘ Where Retail Media Went Wrong And How Newer Entrants Can Avoid the Same Pitfalls.” It essentially said the category grew too fast with many major retail players jumping on the bandwagon – getting things up and running, ‘by hook or by crook’ – well, not really crook. But now as other industries are getting on board (aka travel and finance), where the first party data may be way more desirable, it may be time to take time to get things really right. Good advice.

Moving on to some bite-size news, with some big implications:

Kroger Ad Network Expands To Video, CTV; Retailer Raises Full-Year Forecast – Very good news for CPG companies who have always wanted to make advertising effective and efficient.

Walmart Delivers Self-Service Sponsored Search Ads For Marketplace Sellers – Who didn’t know this was coming – but watch out Amazon and eBay.

Ecommerce Brands’ Q2 TikTok Ad Spend Up 60% QoQ – Bad news, Meta. I hate to state the obvious. But advertisers hate Reels.

And finally, and possible my favorite – “Google Rebrands Ad Extensions To Assets.” And why is it possibly my favorite news of this post- Because it makes me see that rather than my snarky take on Google’s AI/ML approach to PPC (“The Dingo Ate My Baby (okay, well, actually – Automation Stole My Paid Search Campaigns“), Google may just be using its vast brain and computing power to free up marketers’ time from the mundane tasks of paid search to allow for more time for higher value activities…like creating quality content!

Big week. And wow, it’s only Monday!

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