I just couldn’t decide which was more appropriate – ‘Who Can It Be Now?’ or ‘Somebody’s Watching Me‘ when I was thinking about this post. What am I talking about, you wonder…

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I have been SUPER focused (yes, I refuse to say UBER focused) on what the world will look like when it is cookie-less (a la Chrome, a la 2022).

But, if you follow my posts or webinars on Napkin, you’ll also know that these privacy changes have been in the works for a while. Both Google and Apple have been working on making visitors feel that their privacy mattered for a while now, by gradually doing away with cookies.

On the other hand, both companies need to continue to identify visitors and repeat visitors. Both companies have the infrastructure and resources to do things ‘behind the scenes,’ outside of the world of browsers and cookies.

The scenario that inspired this blog was my going to a specific, very unique (not dirty, get your mind out of the gutter) website to do some testing for a client on my Mac. A day later, when reading CNN (website, not app) on my iPhone, I saw an ad for the site I had been testing.

So I wonder, who can it be that is watching me- Is it Google because I got to the site on my Mac from.a search and was logged into my Gmail account on my phone. Or was it Apple because somehow my Safari identity on my Mac is tied to my identity of my iPhone.

Heady stuff, right?

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