When I thought about this post, I was mainly thinking about two things. One – the new Anomaly Detection feature in GA4 (maybe new, maybe not so much). Seemingly pretty simple…when Google realizes a change – something it expected would happen and didn’t OR something that did happen which it didn’t expect, it calls it out. In 2021 when GA4 is a thing, a thing comprised by massive amounts of Google user data, behavior data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, perhaps it is no big thing.

Spoiler alert – IT IS A BIG THING. A HUGE THING.

Second thing I was thinking about….one of my David Bowie t-shirts. I love this shirt because he hilariously sort of resembles Dennis Leary.

I can hear Jim Gaffigan saying under his breath, ‘I don’t know what she is talking about….She doesn’t make any sense. I don’t like her.’

Settle down, Jim. The point is that there have been tremendous strides in the analytics world – gradually all along, but recently leaps and bounds. So, yes. There are changes.

Changes in your site/app behavior that can be detected and alter you. Changes in the way data is captured, processed, understood and presented. And, also importantly, changes in the way we got to enjoy and appreciate Changes…..

OK – with analytics references….predating the internet as we know it:

So when WebTrends and log file analyzers were a big thing…

And now Google Analytics had been released…

Not too much new is going on with analytics (IMHO). But sadly one of his last performances…

Hopefully you enjoyed this trip down memory lane – more for David Bowie, with a side dish of analytics.

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