One Thing Leads to Another

Wow! Nearly 40 years ago. But hilariously, in researching (yes, I do that:) a bit more about the song, in a 2012 interview, the lead singer/lyricist, Cy Curnin, explained the meaning of this song, which deals with malleable politicians. “If you’re going to be a liar, you’d better be a damn good liar and remember what you said, or the whole thing’s going to get pear shaped and orange.” Okay, okay – he didn’t say orange.

OK – Funny. Sad. Whatever. But back to analytics. Although marketers and analysts are all breathing a collective sigh of relief for the stay of execution of Chrome’s third party cookies, there is still fallout…and reasons perhaps you shouldn’t put your privacy initiatives on the back burner.

We’ve seen states individually craft and pass (California, Nevada and Virginia) online privacy laws. But now, and perhaps even more interestingly, for a number of reasons, the FTC is stepping in.

So although cookies may be around for the forseeable future (maybe), it may be a good idea to keep your privacy alternatives a priority.

Just sayin’


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