Sometimes more is not always better.
Spoiler alert – It’s a long one with more to come

Maybe it’s just the season, but lately I’ve been thinking about gluttony. But not the kind of gluttony that you think – or maybe even recently experienced. I think the concept of ‘Data Gluttony’ is something a lot of organizations are experiencing.

You hear a lot about data ingestion tools and connectors to get as much data as possible from all of your systems into your databases, data warehouses, data lakes, whatever.

But does that volume of data ingestion lead to data indigestion?

Could be. Probably. 

Marrying disparate datasets can be great (if it is done correctly).  But if it’s not correctly done, it can create a lot of headaches. Not to mention the bad consequences it creates from the bad data.

One of the causes of the bad data is asymmetrical data. What is that?  You’ll have to wait until Wednesday for that new Wednesday Word.

A little more food for thought (see what I did there:)?

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