A little lame, I know it. But it is late, far past Monday morning, even if you count dog years time…so I am reposting Monday, December 12th’s Monday Morning-ism. I’m lame. I get it. But it’s a happy one!

A few days after last Monday’s post about ‘The Joy of Analytics’, I received a happy holiday email, coincidentally, about finding joy.

In the blog post, there is a link to a TED video where Ingrid Fetell Lee describes her pursuit of finding the meaning of joy. You should watch it. It’s really good.

One of the more interesting points she makes is that joy is ‘an Intense momentary experience of positive emotion – one that makes you smile and laugh and feel like you want to jump up and down’. The important detail is that joy is ‘in the moment’ where happiness is a feeling ‘over time’.

And she makes the point that in the all important pursuit of happiness, sometimes we overlook joy. During this year, it has probably been hard for a lot of people to find happiness. But try not to overlook the joy!

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