METRIC MIKEY’S MONDAY MEDIA…Yes. Of course, with a little MUSK

Don’t you just hate people who say, ‘Happy Monday!’…So, happy ‘Loosen up, Lighten up Day (shouldn’t that be every day-). OK, OK! Back to Media Monday, with a little (or maybe lot of) Musk.

Let’s start with the obvious…’Ad Frequency On Streaming TV Sucks. Let’s Fix It.’ But why – you ask. Well, it’s not an identity problem (certainly better not be – haven’t we just heard ENOUGH about that) nor a technology problem (but, it kind of is..)

“Fragmentation is a problem. Buyers of campaigns on streaming channels frequently leverage multiple different demand-side platforms, sell-side platforms and owners of access to the same inventory pools (device companies frequently reserve inventory for their own sale on publishers’ inventory, agencies frequently receive their own pools of inventory from suppliers to resell to clients) when they execute programmatic campaigns.”

Continuing with the obvious, ‘Dentsu Identifies 10 Trends Reshaping Media In 2023

I won’t bore you with all of them, but COME ON..

“..The rise of retail media platforms….

The official demise of third-party cookies…”

some of these have been around since BEFORE I even started this blog!

Alright – some good, newish news..”TikTok Shop Opens Ecommerce In U.S“. Great potential ROI and, i mean, really how bad can giving your customers’ data to the Chinese government be…

And now for some unsettling news. I mean it is probably happening, right. “Apple Hit With Privacy Complaint Over Data Collection.” Now, if it just can be proven…

Which provides a lovely segue into the Musk porion of today’s post…’Proof of You..

You knew it couldn’t possibly be a Media Monday without some talk of identity..(and of course, Musk)…

“…a venture that utilized Wall Street’s ask/bid model, but instead of trading stocks, it enabled people to trade their identity – as well as explicit actions like consideration, trial, conversion, etc. – with brands who offered them the best values for it.

Importantly, it was 100% up to any individual to decide what information about their identity they wanted to make public in their profile, or what they were willing to trade as part of a private exchange with a brand bidding for it.” Read the article if you want context and to make the connection.

Let’s keep this Musk thing going, ‘Senator Blasts Musk Over ‘Dangerous And Unacceptable’ Twitter Changes

“…But your Twitter takeover, rapid and haphazard imposition of platform changes, removal of safeguards against disinformation, and firing of large numbers of Twitter employees have accelerated Twitter’s descent into the Wild West of social media.”

The letter comes the day after Washington Post reporter Geoffrey Fowler obtained a blue verification checkmark for the fake account @realEdMarkey.”

So, of course who DIDN’T see this coming, ‘Twitter’s New ‘Official’ Verification Badge Is Pulled Within Hours.

And just because I liked the name of this post, ‘Musk’s Name And Shame Strategy

And finally, because I just can’t get enough of saying, ‘D-oh!’ enough – ‘Twitter Trying To Hire Back Dozens Of Workers, Bans Unlabeled Parody Accounts


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