Or, this week we could just call it ‘TikTok’s Troubles’…

Normally Monday Media would talk about things like, Meta considering launching Twitter-like a social media platform or TikTok Pushes Harder Into Search Ad Market.

But I feel what was on the news this morning sort of overshadows all of that. Journalist Emily Baker-White was being interviewed about how TikTok used her data (IP Address [location]) to figure out where she was. This seems harmless and not ‘incriminating”.

But what some TikTok employees have admitted to is tying non-PII data (location/IP Address) to their (some journalists’) personal (TikTok’s first party data – logged in – so they know who you are) to track activity of US journalists and share it with the Chinese government.

Scary stuff.Media (as in Social Media like TikTok, their first party data full of PII) + Media (as in mainstream – journalists, etc. having access to information and wide audiences) + technology (like IP addresses – somewhat inouccous unless matched with first party data) = Very Scary Stuff


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