It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the….and I am not even talking year! Come on! It’s the newfound Monday Media! It’s the most wonderful time to be thinking about media buying! Especially if you are scrappy and willing to try new things.

We know all things – all things media – are cyclical. A little trip down media buying memory lane. Once upon a time there was a thing called a media calendar – it was a gigantic printout of the allocation of spend – print, tv…radio. Then enter digital. Skip to self-service digital! Wow. The ability to shift spend at ‘a moments notice’.

But then things got consolidated, ad networks, SSPs, DSPs, agencies being the gatekeepers.

Not dissing agencies or any ad tech – but it seems that just when the balance of spend power gets a little out of whack, things right themselves.

So it is so awesome to see self-service re-emerge…

CTV…ads on Hulu. Music/Podcasts…ads on Spotify.

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